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I wanted to call this Blackberries and Cream. Because I LOVE fruit. I mean seriously love it.  Anyone else with me?

It is to the point where I would some years rather have a pie on my birthday than cake. I know! Give up chocolate icing? Hmmm. Tough call. And then which pie- apple, blueberry, cherry?

Then comes the holidays, with its pumpkin, sweet potato and pecan. Pumpkin, potato, pecan, oh my. No wonder I love that part in the movie Michael where Andy McDowell sings about pie (me oh my!) It is great!


For all the fun I am having with this, it is good to remember that fruits have many health benefits and are part of a healthy lifestyle. If you prefer smoothies, what a great way to incorporate them into your day. What’s your favorite way to eat fruit? Do you even have a favorite fruit?

Something I love to do is add fruit to my salad. Here’s an idea: pick one fruit that you’ve never used in a dessert or salad and make it a point to find a way to include it in one of your meals sometime this week. See if it was a great surprise or not. What did you use to get inspired? Recipe websites/blogs or cookbooks? Friends, neighbors or family who ‘do that’? I like the idea of just the fact that we may have increased how often we discuss food and eating healthy.


Speaking of that, I have thought of some movies that deal with food or at least incorporate it in some way. How about Eat,pray, love and Under the Tuscan sun and, of course, Julia! I know these were books first and so of course I am going to say read them if you haven’t.  It just so happens I end up reading the book way after the movie. Not sure why!


Can you think of any movies that incorporate food? Did you discover any recipes you are willing to try, or websites that inspired you? Let me know! I’m always hungry!

With hunger pains growing I am going to say farewell and go raid the kitchen…