Hello! Glad you are here! I want to share with you my experience the other day when I took  a walk. I received a gift. The gift of time, or rather an awareness of what time offers us- the experience of ourselves.

I even came upon a phrase- this luxurious moment. It entered my mind and my heart as I went through the grass and shady spots scattered about.


I felt a little guilty for taking time out of my day to walk and spend time doing something so “unproductive”. As I walked further and slowed down I began to reflect upon the gift I had given myself and it was then that this phrase popped into my head. Here’s what I surmised:

Every moment has within it the seeds of possibility and the promise of fulfillment. There is so much talk of being present and of being in the now lately, and for good reason. Have you considered what we gain by being present to ourselves, to the moment?

For me the phrase implies that there is an inherent richness to the moment and we lose awareness of that when we become too busy, too focused on doing everything all at once all the time. Going nonstop means we miss a lot. Slow down and see what you’ve been missing!

Also, it is the reason we get emotional at milestones- graduations, weddings, births, etc. We recognize the brevity of it all; how many times have you felt and thought just stop the clock? We have a desire to prolong moments such as these, we feel the poignancy of the present and value it all the more.

Lastly. it is in the moment that we witness life’s abundance. We open ourselves up and finally we can see, hear, taste and feel that love is all around us. We sense our unity with all things, and this brings change. Change within us and ultimately the world.


I want to leave you with the wish that you give yourself the gift of uninterrupted time. I hope you embrace who you find there, waiting for you in that luxurious moment.

Many Blessings,

And go get that quiet time!! Let me know what happens!