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October 2014 007

Hello! How is the Fall season treating you?

Seems like it was summer just yesterday. I didn’t swim enough.. that’s for sure!

Today I have been thinking about the seasons and more specifically, change.

October 2014 005

Yes, the change in the weather is nice. Beautiful even. I try to not think about what is

coming (cold=pain to me. freezing hurts. sorry if you love the white stuff!) and just try

to enjoy the beauty around me- the colors, textures and smells of Fall are indeed

homey. That is something to embrace.



But change in my life? Well, it seems that I created a huge change this year by

embracing my desire to write and making that my career. Believe me, going from

preschool teacher to being at home writing is a vast change!  What I have discovered

is that I am learning about myself and changing in ways that were unexpected. I have

looking closely at myself and my life and making steps toward creating the life I want

to have. This is huge! To start embracing this part of myself- the dreamer, the hopeful

and positive self, is very much in the category of change.

Do you wonder what if? Can you state what you would like to be different in your life?

I know so often we want things to stay the same. I get that. But what about when you

feel that stirring of your soul, that movement within? Do you give it wings and let it

fly, do you nourish it or suppress it?

Here’s one for the butterflies within all of us, waiting to fly.


dixie stampede 002