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Hello! Thank you for stopping by.

I am going to take a moment today to tell you about my first poetry book, Sing to Me of Words. It is a special book to me because it is me. If you know what I mean. It is my heart, on paper.

I finally embraced that I am a quiet, reflective soul who loves the world of spirituality and poetry. I wish I could fall asleep to someone whispering Rumi in my ears.


Last year, when I was overwhelmed at work and at home, I would stop on the way home and use the library computer to type out my poems. For weeks, after work, my compilation grew. I expressed my feelings about my faith, my journey of becoming self aware and in tune with the loving energy that sustains everything. This period in my life was full of revelation and insight. Shortly after self-publishing this book I decided to write from home and leave my job, my stable future, for self fulfillment and living my dream.

It has been such a time of growth for me.  Currently, I am writing more poetry for another book.

halloween14 006

Still, when I look at the poems in this book, I feel such a sense of peace. A piece of my spirit is within these pages. The spirit of a woman learning to embrace all that she is, all that she has, and all that she dares to receive.

Here is a poem from my book, and I hope you enjoy it.


The love in my world blooms with your fragrance

grows more luscious with time

exudes your color

such a delight

the world is awash in light

and I bask in it

If you love inspiration and poetry, my book just might be what you’ve been looking for. Click below on the link and you will have found it!