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Hello! Thank you for being here. I appreciate your stopping by. Busy holiday times are upon us! Let me wish you an early happy season. Be safe and warm!



Today I would like to pose a question. Do you know many readers who read for inspiration or insight? I do. maybe you do , too. In fact, when I decided to embark upon my writing career I spent many hours reading book after book and getting online to gather facts, advice and inspiration. This was a solitary act for me at first but quickly became a place of community and support. I was suddenly surrounding myself with people on fire with their dream, with their purpose and vision alive in front of them. It was a mesmerizing experience, to say the least.

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Now I am still in need of advice and assistance. There is so much to learn. One thing that gives me the confidence to keep going is believing in my dream, my vision of a new life for myself, and the inspiration others give by their words and actions.

What is my vision? To fulfill my purpose for being here, for one. I feel strongly that I have a reason for being here. I  believe we all do. Finding that and living from that has become all-consuming for me lately. If I can encourage you to go after your vision I want to do that. If you are going after your dream and just want support, that’s what I would like to be here for. How? Just by being available and willing. By sharing. It is by sharing, by giving, that we truly bless others and ultimately ourselves.


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