Hello and welcome!

I am writing this brief blog about writing so we can share a dialogue about what we gain from writing. And reading. Specifically, I am thinking of writing that touches us on a profound level. A deep level. This is writing that comes from the heart. I want to write from that perspective.

This is from me as a writer: I want my words to move you, to stir something within you that has been asleep for a long time. I want to share my insights, my feelings, my heart.

This is from me as a reader: I want to read something that moves and stirs me body, mind and soul. I want to be drawn in emotionally and mentally to what I am reading. I want to be different, somehow, because of what I read.

As a person, I think, how much of what I read actually does this? What makes it accomplish that?

Am I going overboard here? What about escapist reading?

I might be. And escapist reading is wonderful, too. Delightful, actually.



But when I sit down to write, what is it I want to write? For me, it is about expressing my emotions on paper. My feelings and thoughts. So I write what is on my heart, what I am experiencing.

I process my life by writing about it. Does that make my writing different than if, say, I wrote about history or science? Maybe, but only in the sense that I am one who writes from an emotional, personal perspective. To remove that would change my writing.

So as this year progresses I hope to write with more emotion, depth and insight. About what matters to me. That is my goal and inspiration. The poetry I am writing now for my next book is different than the poetry in my first book. In some ways it is similar, but in other ways it is so different. I am different, therefore my writing is different. Makes sense. This year I will also complete my first fiction and begin another inspirational book. I hope.


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What would you like to do this year with more enthusiasm, emotion and purpose? Whatever it is, when you start doing it just know that by choosing to embrace it that you are influencing those around you. Your life will change because you are impacting others and in turn, the world.

Share your plan and others will rally in your corner. We all succeed when we help someone else succeed.

Blessings and Joy,