Choosing to be happy can be a struggle or really very easy. Or both.

Take this morning, for example. I woke up extra early, too early, and had one issue after another. The dog. Out of milk and burned my pancakes. Computer issues. All before 8a.m.

Things that try my patience, sure. Irritations. Yet they are not powerful enough to take away my happiness. Why? Because my happiness is based not on things being smooth and easy but on a sense of peace about where I am in life and what I am doing.

When I feel that what I am doing is meaningful and that I am doing my best, then I am happy. Learning to be happy regardless is still something I am learning to do. It is a process for me. As they say, I am a work in progress!

Looking around and focusing on all the good that is in my life, aka counting  my blessings, has helped me a lot. I have so much that I am grateful for. I am sure you do, too. Isn’t life amazing? Really, when you think about it, it is. It really is.


So I chose happiness and in so doing chose to no longer be chained to negativity or doubt. Or fear. I chose to appreciate all things and embrace possibility.

The first thing I had to learn to accept on my journey to being happy in life was accepting myself. My body, in particular. You see, I am very petite. As in 4’6″.this is due to something I was born with, but, nonetheless, I had to start by accepting that aspect of myself before I could see a positive side to life. Everyone has a journey, has something that makes them say, “I could be, would be happy, if…”. we all fill in the blanks differently.

So now, in thinking about happiness, I guess I am looking at many things. How a positive outlook is part of being happy but not necessarily the only part. How we grow in our understanding of what happiness is, for us as an individual. It goes deeper than being entertained and placated. Our ego is finally not what we are attempting to satisfy when we are after true happiness. That hurdle is a big one.

What has been the hurdle for you to overcome in embracing happiness as a mindset? Or were you always upbeat? What’s your happiness story?