Hello! I am today just sending an update on my current writing project, my first fiction story.

I created a pinterest  board for the main character in my current WIP. I had such fun doing that! I enjoyed getting inside her head and heart, looking at things from her perspective. So cool!


halloween14 006




The writing of this has been challenging in that I did not plan out in fine detail how my story would go. I did part way through write out a timeline, outlining events and such. But I had to go back and delete so much, and change several parts. It was a learning experience! Now I an focusing on enriching the middle and making sure my ending is satisfactory. Of course there is that ever-present word count! I am enjoying the feeling of getting closer to my goal, though. Editing is looming near!

Another thing I have been working on is an e-book of inspiration sayings (mine) dedicated to girls, women, like myself, who have Turner Syndrome. More on that to come.







Thank you for joining me on my journey.

You are awesome.

I remain your excited and humble indie-author-poet,