What have I found? That inspiration comes from within  as much as happiness.

That so much in life is about the choices we make.

That we can inspire others if and when we are inspired ourselves.

I have lately been discovering wonderful quotes about being inspired. I have met people who have inspired me. It is encouraging to get that boost right when you need it, isn’t it?




What about you? Have you been inspired this year? In what way?

Sometimes we don’t feel inspired. Those times are tough. What to do when that happens? For myself, I turn to meditation, prayer, and words. Words in poems, books, quotes. Give me words! Words hive me solace, insight, peace. Even courage. This might sound a bit silly, but it is how I am. I am moved by words.

That is probably what I love about writing. I love expressing emotion, inducing emotion, sharing emotion. Through words.

I hope whatever you read for write gives you inspiration.

I leave you with these words of inspiration fro Rumi, my favorite:

“Let silence take you to the core of life.”