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Hello! Thank you for stopping by. I am currently doing several projects at once, and needed to take a moment to step back from it all. We get that way, don’t we, when we reach a certain point in going after our dreams? We become so focused on the goal, on getting there, that we just might miss the joy of the journey if we don’t slow down, which is what I have done this past week.

Slowing down has been good for me. I am allowing myself the time to really feel  appreciation for all that I have, time to savor my blessings, to let gratitude swell within my heart. It is amazing.

I want to go through my days differently than I used to. It has become important to me. I have such a vision for my future and yet it is important to embrace the moment and all the goodness it holds within it.

I mentioned that I have slowed down this week. That’s true. I still have submitted by poetry book to several places and my children’s story to a few. Next up is editing and submitting my fiction story. Aye!

My children’s story excites me. It is a picture book with an inspiring message. It addresses the issue of self-acceptance and self-esteem, appreciating your unique strengths and personality traits that make you YOU. I feel this is valuable for young readers to read about and discuss. I guess it is the preschool teacher still alive in  me! I love instilling a love of reading in young children. and hope my ideas for children’s stories can take that love to the next level!



Getting back to this week – it has been possible to relax, to plan ahead, to appreciate what my life is like right now. To dream.

Have you given yourself a moment, sometime recently, to do that? To step outside of your must-do-have-to-achieve list and focus on what enriches you, what inspires you, is important and needn’t take much time. If you haven’t, then take a moment now to do so.

I’ll still be here when you get back, refreshed and renewed. Ready to hear what you want to share!