It’s April! Looking forward to spring weather. How about you? What is your favorite season?

I seem to want to start new things in the spring instead of the New Year. I feel like newness is in the air. Is anyone else like that?

So, I have been cleaning through papers and closets. Deleting groups and “clutter” online, too. It feels so good! As far as writing projects, I have been submitting poetry to contests and my full-length books out into the world as well. I am so anxious to have something published! Yesterday I researched online writing jobs and I am getting myself ready to do that. So many new directions. So many new things. I now that’s what life is all about. Still, it feels a bit unsettling at times. Then a feeling of excitement washes over me. I read inspiring quotes and books. I dream and plan.


The one thing I have found is that it is so important to stay motivated, and we have to motivate ourselves sometimes.


If you have a moment and enjoy poetry, check out my poetry series at http://www.channillo.com . I am posting a weekly series of poetry there, Magnifying the Light, and there are a lot of great series available. Happy reading!