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I wanted to write a personal post, and I got the title for this post and the idea from my husband. We were discussing my writing and the challenges involved. So I’m sitting with my husband, and I mention how much my dream of writing means to me. I’ve been pretty emotional lately because in pursuing my writing I made things very difficult financially for the two of us, and I impacted our future-my future. My decision to write has been a spiritual and personal one, and it has not been without consequences. Nothing is. My desire to write has never wavered. My feelings on the way I walked into it gives me nightmares, sometimes. Why didn’t I plan better ? Temporary insanity? All I can do now is go forward. With all of my heart I want my writing dream to succeed. So, anyway, while discussing this with my husband he turns to me and says “You’ve just got to keep writing through everything.” I love that. Don’t you? What is it in your life you’ve had to push through, to get to where you wanted to be? Are you like me, still pushing?

I’m not even sure if my husband meant it the way I took it – to write through my fear, my anxiety, my excitement. To write through uncertainty and into certainty. It’s all about pushing through and seeing your dream come true.




I know I can do it. Despite challenges and setbacks. I know I have a personal story to tell. I’ve given myself the space to do it. The time is now.

So I will write my story. My personal story of having Turner Syndrome. I can do it.  I will be taking my husband’s advice and “writing through everything.”


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