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Well, I am nearing the halfway point of my current WIP. My story is about having Turner Syndrome. It’s not exactly a memoir, in the sense that I am not chronicling my school years and such in detail and sequence.

Instead I seem to be expressing my thoughts on different themes, relating my experiences when I can. How life with TS shaped my perceptions and gave me my personal challenges, that is what I want to write about. I have a goal, a dream for this book, that it will inspire and encourage. Uplift. It is the reason I want to and need to write.

As I write, I am asking myself questions. I am wanting to share my experience while at the same time not come across as negative, whiny, uninspiring. I am still so much of  introvert! Opening up is hard.

Perhaps that is why it feels good. It is time to face the dragon. My dragon.


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