Hello! I am here today to spread the word about my writing online articles through Daily Heckle. It is a online website/ place for bloggers to gather. There are articles on many topics and a chance to write on a personal level on a topic that interests you.

I have written two articles so far and have had a good experience. It took me a bit to figure out the payment system. You set up an account at http://www.Skrill .com and you are good to go!I like the versatility and speed with which this works. I have had prompt answers to my questions and appreciate the diverse writing opportunities. Payments for your articles vary, but I think they are fair. I am looking forward to more writing opportunities!

My articles have been about going after your dreams and motivation. The articles are easy to write, format, send for proofing before acceptance. You get notified when it is up. The articles have links to share, post on your media. If you have information to get out there, share it! If you have an experience or idea, share it! You can use you photos or give attribution to what you use. The writing needs to be original. The first step is setting up an account, setting up skill for payment, and then submitting your idea for an article. Once your title and idea are approved, it is time to write! Pick a topic and think about what you could say about it in a fresh, new way. Your creativity can shine here. Think of the possibilities!

If you are interested in checking it out, go to  and see if it would fit into your writing life. While you are there, I bet you’ll find an interesting article or two to read! I will see you there!




Happy Writing and Reading!