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dreams poem

I had a moment of doubt recently. I needed clarity. Perspective. So what did I do? I did what I normally don’t do. I reached out and expressed my feelings. Just a little bit. What happened?  Someone dear to me responded. She gave me support, encouraged me and gave her opinion. It was so heartwarming! The advice she gave was so perfect and timely. She made a comment that stuck with me, beyond what to do about my situation. Her comment was on how we as women tend to define ourselves by our roles, by what we do. And we shouldn’t.

That got me thinking. Isn’t it true that we are much more than what we do? Sure, what we do stems from how we see ourselves, but are we acting from true self-knowledge or someone else’s view of ourselves that we adopted?

It boils down to this: are we being authentic, true to ourselves?


The situation I am trying to resolve does involve my writing. It involves life dreams and of course, finances. Whatever choice I make affects my future and that of my husband. No pressure here!

There is a wisdom in seeing yourself as more than your career, defining yourself in more honest and even spiritual terms. Also, We may get fulfillment in life through many avenues. I think where I was struggling was that I wanted my career to bring me too much (all?). My perspective, my expectations, might have been off. Just a little.

So, whatever choice I make, I am feeling at least a little more confident that all will be well and that I can still offer my writer’s soul some room to grow this year and into next. And beyond. I know I can still offer it , maybe not all of my time, but as much as I can. I can feed my dream with love and nurture it. I can offer it, maybe not all of my heart, but at least a piece of it. A piece of my heart. Hm. Excuse me while I go compose a poem. With love.

From the heart,

Kimberly DuBoise

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