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Hi! Here is an update on my writing as of late: I have finished my latest project. Yes!

I have been writing the past few weeks and have finally finished the manuscript of my latest WIP. I feel so anxious to have it out into the world and tomorrow I will begin working on crafting my query letter. I am going to be submitting it to many places and I really look forward to having it published! I could self-publish it but have opted not to, for now. My book, titled A Soul In Flight, Turner Syndrome and Me, is a sort of memoir about my life with Turner Syndrome. It was very challenging and personal, a real stretch of my willingness to dive into feelings and memories. Not easy writing!


I hope it serves to inspire and uplift many. I hope it gives encouragement and insight. Such big hope for a book!! I feel hopeful. I love the emotional component to my book and it feels a bit scary to put it out there. I know that my dream for this book means so much for me because this is the story I need to tell.


So now I write my query and cover letter. I submit. Submit. Submit. I wait for my story to make it into the world. Soon.

Wish me luck!