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I have always loved reading. I have been writing poetry for a long time (since college). It is only recently that I started thinking about the link between what we like to read and what we write. For me, writing is a way to get in touch with my emotions. It is a way to process how I feel, to understand what I am going through. I look for the meaning behind it all, want to know the why of things. I don’t like randomness or uncertainty. Perhaps that is one spirit-growing thing writing has brought into my life – the full fledged facing of things that make me feel on edge. I know it has also afforded me insight into myself and given me time to reflect on my life.


What kind of books make you think? Inspire you? Bring you to a new level of understanding? Those are the types of books I loved to read and want to write. I am excited to be on this journey. Great things are ahead! I just finished reading “What’s your what?” by Julie Moret and I tell you I have come away feeling so encouraged again. That is what a great book does, for me anyway. Lifts me up to greater things, a renewed vision of myself. Have you read an inspiring book lately?? I’d love to know!

Thanks for taking a moment to join me in my reflection. Engage your heart and mind with a good book this week!!


Happy Reading and Writing,

Kimberly DuBoise