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Just an announcement during this busy weekend that I have a new poetry book out, titled Echoes of Moonlight. It is a collection of poetry on the themes of love,nature and divinity. I am so pleased with the poems and how the book came together. I have been writing poetry since around my college years, and this is my second poetry book. I also have been writing on my blog , tinypoet86.blogspot.com, too.

This book takes an uplifting and buoyant look at life. Within the pages of this book you will be grappling with inner emotions and addressing your dreams, taking time to appreciate the wonder of all life is.

I love that words can inspire, encourage, awaken, soothe and transform.

I love the very best of words that call us to an awareness of our highest Self.

Join me on an adventure of soul and spirit in my book of poems, available now!!


Echoes of Moonlight, available NOW on Amazon!