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Hi!  Thank you for stopping by.

I am pleased to announce the arrival of my second book of poetry, Echoes of Moonlight. It is available now in e-book or paperback. Here’s a little bit about it.

It is a full-length poetry book with poems on the themes of nature, love, divinity. It is a book that I am so proud of. Within its pages are poems of a devotional and deeply honest nature. Expressions of my highest, Spiritual self are put out there in a open, reflective way. Do you like devotionals and contemplative, spiritual reads? Then you may love what’s in store for you within the musings of my heart, written over a trying period rich with gifts nonetheless. Writing this book was challenging, invigorating, uplifting. I loved every minute of it.

Thanks again for reading and sharing in my happiness. Love shared is love multiplied!

Check it out on Amazon, available now!

Echoes of Moonlight