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Hi! Thanks for visiting with me today. Here’s an update on my latest WIP.

I just broke 20K words and have received feedback on some changes to make. I am

adding a bit more detail, personal experiences, in my work.  My book is about my life

and my spiritual journey. I hadn’t planned on a lot of personal detail as my life hasn’t

been full of rainbows and lollipops, and I originally set my book out to be inspirational

in my mind. I envisioned it to be encouraging, uplifting. Not a sob story. But I see in

going back over what I have written that I need to add examples, life experiences. So

as slow as I am going, I am still trudging through memories and putting pen to paper.

I’d love to have this done soon but I know it will take as long as it takes. I am learning

to trust  in the process and visualize the end result. Also, I am subbing in the

classrooms this year and that is quite the experience! I am very anxious to get my

career settled again. My writing and I have had quite the journey together this past

year and that, too, has been emotional.

I wonder, as this year is getting close to the end, if I have accomplished all I wanted

to in the end. How far I still have to go in fulfilling my dream!! But I will persevere.

What about you? Any dreams still calling or just begun? Realized?

That’s part of your story.

Here’s to creating a happy ending!

Love and Happy Reading,