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Hello. Just an update here today on the writing front.

I now have my 2016 Poet’s Market book and am going to be planning out my goals for getting some poems out there in magazines, journals, contests. I am so excited!

I have started a collection of new poems. I am working on adding detail to my current project, hoping to have enough added that I can send it in for review in a few weeks time. This book is changing before my eyes. What a process!

As I do this I am going through a streamlining process on my social media and am keeping only what really relates to my writing and my dreams. That, too, has been a process involving several days. I found a picture that kind of portrays how good this feels. Here it is!


I am so very thankful to be here with the time to write and express my heart. I know that next year I will be getting back into teaching. My writing time will change and in fact already has as I am subbing this year in the classroom. But my heart will always need to write and I will always create a space and time for it; now that I have given life to it I feel it needs  a chance to flourish and grow.

I sometimes post updates on Facebook, and if you would like to see those plus quotes and other bits of inspiration, join me there. I would love very much to see you there! I am at http://www.facebook.com/kimberlyduboiseauthor

Thanks so much, and happy reading !!