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I have been swept away from writing much lately. I have been immersed back into my old, familiar world of teaching and now the holidays are upon us! I have taken a step back, looked at what I have yet to do that I wanted to regarding my writing. Specifically, my current WIP that has been brought to the stage of adding detail and some editing. I am emotionally stuck on what else to add. The private feelings I need to put on paper seem buried deep inside, unwilling to be forced into the light.



I want to write, to complete this book. I think my hesitation is due to the force of the emotion behind the subject. Being back in the school setting, even as a sub, has skewed my focus and, to be honest, stripped away some of the joy on both ends- writing and teaching. It is a weird place to be in, emotionally. I am used to giving what I am doing my full attention and heart. This being divided is hard. I know I will strike a balance. I know I am lucky to be able to pursue my dream and have a career.

Perhaps this is a period of learning to make room for my dream, to settle into the journey and enjoy that. Rather than wish things could be different, I should focus on the fact that I am actually in the act of creating something wonderful! Ah, patience never was my strong suit!

It does feel as though I am making room in my heart for my dream in a different way than last year. This year I completed a poetry book and most of my current WIP, tentatively titled “Soul Taking Flight”. I have plans for next year and beyond.

Where do you turn when you need inspiration and support for your dream? Are you in-the-midst-of-finding or in-the-moment of living your dream? Who is with you on this journey? I  have been looking within and listening to my still, small voice. The one that encourages us all, connects us all, guides us all.

That’s me. lately.