Hello! Happy New Year!

Thank you for stopping by.

I, for one, am glad it is 2016. I am ready for a new start. I haven’t made any resolutions, though. What I have done is make promises to myself. I have made it a personal and private thing, this writing down what I desire for this year. This is because I feel protective of what my heart wants. I am trying to go forth this year with more positivity and faith than before. I have so much that I am grateful for, and I am ready to change thoughts and feelings that no longer serve my highest good. On to better and brighter things!

I plan to keep writing poetry and perhaps this newfound outlook will influence what I write. I’m sure it will. Hopefully this year will see me entering contests and finalizing the book I am working on now. We will see!

What about you? Excited about what this new year may bring? What would you like to see happen this year?

Here’s to dreams, soul searching, awakening, and the beauty inherent in the journey.