Hi! I am here to tell you about my latest publishing joy. I am a contributing author in a  book titled  365 Moments of Grace! It is the second book in a series.Within this book are personal, soulful stories that serve to uplift, encourage, inspire. I am very honored to be a part of such deeply meaningful book. Heartfelt, emotional stories that come from a place of reverence, awe and wonder. Now that is something to get excited about!!

My story is about what happened to me one night when I was in my writing space, in the quiet of the night, and I was still enough to hear something. What words came to me, words that felt like they were just what I needed to hear?

All of the stories in the series, in this book, grab hold of you and offer wisdom, grace, inspiration. Such openness and courage, such life changing stories!

Check out the latest of the 365 Series, Moments of Grace, today!


Find it on the link below:  https://amzon.com/098313794



You will be glad you did!