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Hi! Thank you for stopping by. I have made it a goal to write more each day and to be online more in the next few months. Just finishing with a busy summer- ready for Fall! But, I did want to share some photos of vacation I just got back from. I am prepared, I think, for the school year. But. We shall see! I have completed a chapbook of poetry and have been sending it off. My poetry blog is growing — a little. I think I have been seeking inspiration before I sat down to write and now I know I just have to, well, sit and write! Confession? I sense that I am scared to write what I deeply feel, to say what I want to say. Even on paper. Especially on paper. Why? Perhaps because I have a deeply felt desire to make things in my life different and putting it out there means that it will be known, and it may or may not come true. My manifesting powers seem to be waning. Where did my sparkle and joy go? This phase is not fun. I want to get through it. Write about that, then, you say. Okay. I will. Ah. I feel better already.

Now, for vacation. It was fun in a few ways, definitely memorable, and it taught me some things about myself, too. I did write a few poems, of which I will share a few on a later post. Today I just felt like doing a little photo sharing!

What type of vacation would inspire you? Have you ever been someplace amazing and felt a deep sense of awe? Care to share any bad or good vacation stories?

Thanks for tagging along with me! Have a great day!

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