I’m curious. What type of reader are you?

Let me explain. I caught myself going to the same part of the library last week- for the millionth time. Then my mom and I talked about books we were reading and how we wanted something different to read. How easy is it to get in a reading rut?

I like to read most genres. I read fast but take in the words. I have been known to reread a book  for the second time the second I finish it. I dive into books, losing my sense of time and place on occasion. I try to keep an open mind and eye toward what’s out there. I know what I don’t go to, as well. And that’s okay. I have a reading niche; even if it does not include everything , it is not to narrow! I  have to like to explore and discover new things and I do relish the experience of getting lost in a great story. I get inspiration from nonfiction and have spells where I go into a nonfiction zone for a long time, then I crave adventure or humor and need a good read!



So, I am a reader who gets many things from many books. Insights, escape, inspiration and life tips, as well as a broadening of my understanding, all come to me through what I read and ponder. For I do ponder and immerse myself in what I read. I can still remember the first few books that impacted me as a young reader. Can you?

What type of reader are you?