First of all, thank you for stopping by and welcome to my author blog!

I have been posting my poetry on my poetry blog and submitting here and there,

adjusting my writing life to my substitute teacher life.

I will be teaching 3 weeks of summer school but still get three glorious weeks  before

that to write, write, write!! Yay, me!

Anyway, I have started something for the past few months. I have been keeping a vase of

flowers by my desk. Why? Because of what my writing means to me. Because of what it

gives me and what it helps me bring forth. Simply put, because I am grateful and want to

honor my writing time and my calling to write from the heart.

I see writing as an expression of my soul, an avenue for beauty, peace and wisdom to

be discovered.




I see beauty in words, I see the beauty within the color, vibrancy and fleeting nature of flowers. Their fragrance perfumes the surrounding air, and I am energized.




When I place flowers before my writing space, I am really saying certain things to


I am saying that I value my gift, my desire to write, and that fulfillment comes from

cherishing it, making time and place for it.

I am saying that beauty is a need and right of

my soul, and that I  am willing to surround my sacred space with it.

I love writing poetry from my heart,  drawn from experiences and reflections that I

have. It fulfills me in ways and places I find hard to describe.

When I write, it repays me in so many intangible ways! I am so glad I began my writing

journey. And because it means so much to me to write, those who share in it with me

mean the world to me to, for they are helping me fulfill my purpose, my joy.

You are helping me now by sharing this with me, getting a glimpse into this writer’s

heart. Thank you so much. Until next time!!


Kimberly DuBoise