Why I Have Started Keeping Flowers In My Writing Space.



First of all, thank you for stopping by and welcome to my author blog!

I have been posting my poetry on my poetry blog and submitting here and there,

adjusting my writing life to my substitute teacher life.

I will be teaching 3 weeks of summer school but still get three glorious weeks  before

that to write, write, write!! Yay, me!

Anyway, I have started something for the past few months. I have been keeping a vase of

flowers by my desk. Why? Because of what my writing means to me. Because of what it

gives me and what it helps me bring forth. Simply put, because I am grateful and want to

honor my writing time and my calling to write from the heart.

I see writing as an expression of my soul, an avenue for beauty, peace and wisdom to

be discovered.




I see beauty in words, I see the beauty within the color, vibrancy and fleeting nature of flowers. Their fragrance perfumes the surrounding air, and I am energized.




When I place flowers before my writing space, I am really saying certain things to


I am saying that I value my gift, my desire to write, and that fulfillment comes from

cherishing it, making time and place for it.

I am saying that beauty is a need and right of

my soul, and that I  am willing to surround my sacred space with it.

I love writing poetry from my heart,  drawn from experiences and reflections that I

have. It fulfills me in ways and places I find hard to describe.

When I write, it repays me in so many intangible ways! I am so glad I began my writing

journey. And because it means so much to me to write, those who share in it with me

mean the world to me to, for they are helping me fulfill my purpose, my joy.

You are helping me now by sharing this with me, getting a glimpse into this writer’s

heart. Thank you so much. Until next time!!


Kimberly DuBoise




365 Life Shifts: A Celebration of Life



Hi! Welcome, and thank you for being here today.

I wanted to take time to share in the celebration of something wonderful-

the release of 365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything. It is the newest

installment of the 365 Series and is the second one I have been privileged to be a part of.

As contributor to this anthology, I cannot help but feel grateful, inspired, thankful,

and in awe. This collection of real-life stories will truly move you, uplifting and

encouraging you as well as reinforcing a sense of wonder. How much connection, love and

unity exists in the world, and how well this book provides such heartfelt stories of that


Get your copy now, with the link below!







What type of reader are you?




I’m curious. What type of reader are you?

Let me explain. I caught myself going to the same part of the library last week- for the millionth time. Then my mom and I talked about books we were reading and how we wanted something different to read. How easy is it to get in a reading rut?

I like to read most genres. I read fast but take in the words. I have been known to reread a book  for the second time the second I finish it. I dive into books, losing my sense of time and place on occasion. I try to keep an open mind and eye toward what’s out there. I know what I don’t go to, as well. And that’s okay. I have a reading niche; even if it does not include everything , it is not to narrow! I  have to like to explore and discover new things and I do relish the experience of getting lost in a great story. I get inspiration from nonfiction and have spells where I go into a nonfiction zone for a long time, then I crave adventure or humor and need a good read!



So, I am a reader who gets many things from many books. Insights, escape, inspiration and life tips, as well as a broadening of my understanding, all come to me through what I read and ponder. For I do ponder and immerse myself in what I read. I can still remember the first few books that impacted me as a young reader. Can you?

What type of reader are you?







It’s a Writer’s Life

vacation 2016 242


Hi! Thank you for stopping by!

Today I have a free offering for you.

It’s a free pdf copy of something I wrote years ago when I began writing.

It is a brief look into my thoughts and feelings as I took on the new role of writer,

and it is written like a journal. It is a sneak peek into my thought processes and

the emotional journey to adopting a new self-perception!

I have held onto this for a while, having it available on my Amazon Author Page. But it

feels like it’s time to offer it for free. It is a very quick read, like I said, but to me that

makes it feel like a snapshot in time. A moment when I embraced a new, expanding

version of myself.

If you’d like to read it, just click below. And thank  you so much!!





Vacation and Inspiration for Writing


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PV 125


Hi! Thank you for stopping by. I have made it a goal to write more each day and to be online more in the next few months. Just finishing with a busy summer- ready for Fall! But, I did want to share some photos of vacation I just got back from. I am prepared, I think, for the school year. But. We shall see! I have completed a chapbook of poetry and have been sending it off. My poetry blog is growing — a little. I think I have been seeking inspiration before I sat down to write and now I know I just have to, well, sit and write! Confession? I sense that I am scared to write what I deeply feel, to say what I want to say. Even on paper. Especially on paper. Why? Perhaps because I have a deeply felt desire to make things in my life different and putting it out there means that it will be known, and it may or may not come true. My manifesting powers seem to be waning. Where did my sparkle and joy go? This phase is not fun. I want to get through it. Write about that, then, you say. Okay. I will. Ah. I feel better already.

Now, for vacation. It was fun in a few ways, definitely memorable, and it taught me some things about myself, too. I did write a few poems, of which I will share a few on a later post. Today I just felt like doing a little photo sharing!

What type of vacation would inspire you? Have you ever been someplace amazing and felt a deep sense of awe? Care to share any bad or good vacation stories?

Thanks for tagging along with me! Have a great day!

PV 037

PV 105




PV 042

Moments of Sacred Grace



Hi! I am here to tell you about my latest publishing joy. I am a contributing author in a  book titled  365 Moments of Grace! It is the second book in a series.Within this book are personal, soulful stories that serve to uplift, encourage, inspire. I am very honored to be a part of such deeply meaningful book. Heartfelt, emotional stories that come from a place of reverence, awe and wonder. Now that is something to get excited about!!

My story is about what happened to me one night when I was in my writing space, in the quiet of the night, and I was still enough to hear something. What words came to me, words that felt like they were just what I needed to hear?

All of the stories in the series, in this book, grab hold of you and offer wisdom, grace, inspiration. Such openness and courage, such life changing stories!

Check out the latest of the 365 Series, Moments of Grace, today!


Find it on the link below:  https://amzon.com/098313794



You will be glad you did!

Happy National Poetry Day!




Hi! Thank you for stopping by on this, National Poetry Day!

So far I have added a few poems to my current work in progress and submitted to a Review.

I plan to read some poetry, maybe write a little more, and relax after dinner.

I enjoy reading and writing poetry that inspires and encourages deep, thoughtful probing.

I like motivating words, poetry that honors and respects our journey.

What kind of poetry do you like? Do you have a favorite poet?



If you feel like giving yourself a collection of poetry today, check out my book, Sing to me of Words. The poems are spiritual, seeking, searching and deeply honest. Perfect for quiet reflection and inspiration!

Find it here on the link below:



Sing to me of Words


Quotes for Writing Inspiration





Hello, and welcome to my blog. Today I have a few quotes on writing, ones that I feel speak to me about what writing means to me and also stand for whatever passion you have in your soul. What makes your spirit sing? What makes you feel alive and energized? Is there something that makes you feel on purpose? For me, that thing is writing poetry. Hence the search for motivational quotes.

I hope you like the ones I found and chose to share today! Here is the first quote:



Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow.” Lawrence Clark Powell



I like the quote above because it expresses why I write (my poetry comes from my heart, in a attempt to express and understand my emotions, my Self) and also how I feel about speaking – I am actually a girl of few words (paper being the exception)! I love silence and yet truly enjoy deep, meaningful conversation. And reading? Yes! I love to get lost in a story and I love to be changed by what I have read. A book that impacts me, makes me just a little bit different, somehow, for the reading of it, is my kind of book!

Here is another quote:

“Writing has been to me like a bath from which I have risen feeling cleaner, healthier

and freer.” Henrik Ibsen



Ah, the above quote makes me feel refreshed. Renewed. It is a sense of purging, of renewal and the embracing of a new start that I get from this quote. A lightness. One that comes from washing away the past, letting go. Embracing the future and preparing for possibilities.

I know that writing has begun to mean so much more to me lately even though my focus on it has been slowly changing this past school year. I do hold the vision of many books in my future, some poetry and others children’s stories.

What kind of dream -writing or otherwise- are others helping you with right now? Do you have any quotes, stories or books that have been instrumental in assisting you? Let’s share and encourage each other!

You are part of my dream coming true just by being involved in my blog. It takes a village to raise a dream! So, on that note, let my say thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!





Facing my Dreams



Hi! This is just a brief post today. This is my poem penned in a very reflective mood.

I am thinking about dreams. My dreams. Your dreams. The way I want to spend my days, my energy. My life. What would you like to see happen in your life that hasn’t  happened yet?  Who inspires you? Who shares your dreams?  I only ask because, in my life now, I have only a few select people who really get my dream. Who support me. It’s a bit lonely.

Writing is part of my dream. I love poetry and especially inspiring , self-growth topics. What about you?

Here’s to making those dreams come true.


poem 001

Since I Started Writing





Today finds me looking toward the future and focusing on  the changes I desire to see, and yet me being me I am also looking back. I can hardly believe that it has been two years since I have started writing and putting my books out there.

What is different? I am. Allowing myself to write has led me to – even if only very recently- value the act of creatively giving of myself. I see writing in a more personal light and value it for what it brings to me, even if isn’t financially rewarding me right now.This was hard to get to. I have had to really work on staying positive.

In fact, my spirit was crushed when I prepared to do my taxes and discovered something.Get ready for this: Giving myself ten hours a week for all of 2015 I earned a whopping .25 cents per hour. An. Hour. I repeat. A. Quarter. An. Hour.

Not my best move, leaving security without being in a position to really offer financially all it really takes to set your dream on fire.

Responsibility has been weighing on me; bills wait for no dream.

Disgusted and distraught for a while, I stepped back and renewed my focus yet again on getting back into teaching. I am subbing. Hoping to interview and be hired in the perfect place soon for the next school year.

Writing? I admit, a bit of luster was gone. I wrote “.25 cents  PR HR” on a card by my laptop and every time I would go in my office I would get a punched-in-the-soul feeling. My stomach lurched even without glancing at that sign. But I tried.It’s just that I am not one to fake very well.  Inspiration, my soul’s desire and fuel for my poetry, was gone.So I sat by a blank page and finally stopped sitting down altogether.

Now I am beginning to write a few poems here and there. I have a title for a third poetry book and I am still dreaming of the children’s books I would like to write. Even with these things happening, the being disappointed and change of plans that include more long-range goals and practical steps, I am happy to feel the act of writing take a deeper meaning for me as well as a deeper place in my heart.